Foreign Trade Corporation carry out 2023 new employee orientation

Publisher: Release time:2023-07-14

To help new employees understand the company's development history and corporate culture, systematically learn the company's management systems and processes, quickly adapt to work positions, and master work skills, from July 11th to 13th, Foreign Trade Corporation conducted a three-day new employee orientation. The training content consists of three parts: leadership team lectures, internal lecturing, and business etiquette training. During the training period, the ‘teachers’ taught new employees everything they know, gave them fish, and taught them fishing. The ‘freshmen’ always treated each class with full enthusiasm and high concentration.

 Teaching by leadership team

Li Juqiang, Chairman and General Manager, analyzed and explained the domestic and foreign economic environment, the company's business model, and future development trends for new employees, which was insightful and thought-provoking. At the same time, he encouraged new employees to seize the ‘two-year critical period’ after joining, stick to their positions, focus on learning, and continuously improve their professional abilities.

 Zheng Bin,Executive Vice General Manager,told everyone about the historical development and corporate culture of Foreign Trade Corporation. For this reason, he made sufficient lesson preparation preparations. Behind a stack of powerful handwritten manuscripts, it not only showed his paying attention to and taking responsibility for this training, but also an old foreign trader giving advice and sincere blessings to the new people.

 Zhang Qiang, Deputy General Manager, elaborated on the concept of the Five Bright Pioneers party building brand around the party building work of state-owned enterprises and the risk prevention and control system construction of the company. At the same time, he emphasized the importance of risk prevention and control system construction with examples, and introduced the risk control measures and achievements of Foreign Trade Corporation in recent years.

 Sheng Yakun,  deputy general manager, traced the origin of the ancient Silk Road to the current construction of the Belt and Road, deepening the new employees' understanding of transport and trade integration business. The path of rejuvenation is a noble and grand historical mission that is closely related to the company and individuals. We should look globally, pay attention to the market, and always maintain the passion for work and entrepreneurship.

 Wang Zhuo, assistant to the General Manager, praised everyone for their courage to enter society and make choices. He also introduced the course theme of career development planning based on his own job experience, integrating theory and practice, inspiring new employees to think more deeply about career planning.

 Teaching by internal lecturers

Two department heads were invited to serve as internal lecturers, providing training on import processes and important system explanations. Wu Peng, principal in charge of the Ministry of Commerce, carefully drew a flowchart for the import business and provided a detailed explanation of the process operation. At the same time, she cooperated with on-site questioning to promote thinking and learning through questioning. The Manager of the Audit Compliance Center, Tao Ran, introduced important systems such as the ‘Compliance Management Measures’, ‘Interim Provisions on Contract File Management’, and ‘Fund Receipt and Payment Management Measures’, which were illustrated and clear at a glance, further strengthening everyone's understanding of institutionalization and standardization.

 Business Etiquette Training

If people are unreasonable, they will not stand; if things are rude, they will not succeed. Based on practical work needs, the company has specially invited professional etiquette instructors to conduct business etiquette training. At the training site, the teacher interpreted the topic with witty and elegant language, integrating theoretical lectures and on-site demonstrations. Through a learning and using approach, she encouraged everyone to fully communicate and interact. In class, the previously shy individuals gradually opened up their hearts and the atmosphere became more lively and harmonious. Under the guidance of the teacher, everyone quickly mastered the ‘workplace essentials’ such as clothing etiquette, handshake etiquette, communication etiquette, and seating arrangements. Business etiquette includes various aspects such as professional image, speech and behavior, and professional ethics. This training guides new employees to always focus on etiquette details and professional display, helping them grow better and faster in the workplace.