JOC held the ‘Investing dreams without limits, riding on the wind’welcome ceremony for new employees of 2023

Publisher: Release time:2023-07-11

In the afternoon of July 10th, JOC held the welcome ceremony for new employees of 2023. Part of leadership team, heads of major departments, fresh man and representatives of old employees attended the event.

At the beginning of ceremony, Li Juqiang, secretary of general party branch, chairman and general manager of the company gave a welcome speech, introduced the company's history and development overview, and sent some suggestions to all the new employees. Firstly, he hopes that the fresh man can foster six kinds of ‘ability’ including communication skills, emotional control skills, interpersonal skills, self-cognition ability, willpower at work and frustration tolerance while using these skills to complete the transformation of mindset, adapt to new environment and fit in the group. The second point is to reinforce the learning and summarizing process: new employees should learn from colleagues and elites about the spirit of dedication and professional skills with a modest attitude. Make a good summary in learning and working can help avoid risks and making less detours. Li’s last suggestion is about being proactive and innovative. He hopes new employees can treat work as career, devote themselves to working, master professional skills as soon as possible and improve knowledge level and comprehensive quality constantly, enriching the colorful life on the platform of JOC.

All the new employees showed their personalities, characteristics, hobbies and specialties through funny short videos in a vivid and intuitive way, deepen their impression of each other again by the interactions in the live games as well as distinctive self-introductions.

In the experience-sharing session, several representatives of old staff pass their experience at work to the new employees with no hiding. Essential and meaningful learning materials in this session caused a round of applause.

 Zhong Shan

In the work, we should be responsible, trustworthy, and give timely report’ as well as be positive, practical and meticulous. Not only should we do solid work and be down-to-earth, but also we ought to plan well for the future. I hope the new employees can possess a clear goal while taking action with output sustainably.

 Li Miaojing

In our work, we should finish what we start, provide timely feedback for leaders and customers without delay and prevarication. Staff of commerce department need to communicate with customers directly at many sessions during work, so the customers impression of us may affect the customers impression of the company. As a result, it is essential to complete the work efficiently. 

Huang Yanan

No matter which position you are in, only by mastering solid professional knowledge can we grasp every detail of the work. JSFT has unreserved output environment and values training a lot, which requires everyone to correct the attitude, learning actively, internalize and absorb the knowledge. 

Deng Yan

Every rule and regulation of the company is customized according to the company's operation situation and business characteristics, and summarized through lessons and the test of time. Therefore, if you want to do your own job well, you have to study the company's rules and regulations carefully and strictly abide by them in your daily work. 

Thereafter, the heads of main department also sent their blessings and expectations for the new staff. They hoped that everyone could complete the identity transformation from students to staff faster and better; be empty in order to be full and not to be over-ambitious; abide by the regulations and rules of the company, develop good working habits and achieve lifelong learning. They wished all of the new employees to forge ahead and boost the youth in the new journey!