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Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Trade Corporation was established in 1984, which is subordinate to Jiangsu Overseas Group CO., Ltd. andnd is the first provincial foreign trade company with import and export operationon right in Jiangsu Province.

In 1993, JSFT took the leadingng role in the provincial foreign trade industry to be constructed into a company limited by shares. Currently, the eight business divisions are involved in various bulk raw material specialties such as metal raw materials, chemical raw materials, textile raw materials, ship construction, light textile and light industry, wood business as well as pulp and paper industry. In 30 years, the company's comprehensive strength has been growing under the efforts of generations of foriegn trade people. In 2022, the company's operating performance increased steadily, achieving the sales revenue of 13.388 billion yuan, saw year on year rise of 4.4%. The total volume of import and export grew 21.65% year on year to 1.41 billion US dollars. All the operating indicators hit a record high.

The company has over 100 employees, with an average age of 36 and more than 80% of staff own bachelor's degree or above, making up a young team with high-quality, dynamic and innovative spirit.

The company is mainly engaged in: wholesale of hazardous chemicals (operate within the scope specified in the license), wholesale and retail of prepackaged food and dairy products (including milk powder for infants and young children).Self and agent for the import and export of various commodities and technologies, sales of automobile, fuel oil, cosmetics, biodiesel (excluding hazardous chemicals), recycling and sales of steel scrap (excluding hazardous waste). Retail of fresh and frozen livestock, poultry meat and its products, aquatic products and primary agricultural products as well as wholesale of building materials. Domestic trade, technical services, consulting services and physical lease (start operation after the approval of relevant departments). Permitted projects: wholesale of refined oil products (limited to hazardous chemicals); retail of refined oil products (limited to hazardous chemicals); retail of refined oil products (excluding hazardous chemicals) (start operation after the approval of relevant departments and the approval result shall determine the specific business items).

General projects: second class medical equipment sales; wholesale and retail of medical personnel protective equipment; wholesale and retail of medical masks; wholesale of refined oil(excluding dangerous chemicals); lubricants sales (carry out business activities independently according to law excluding items subject to approval by law).

  • 2023

    established in 1984

  • 133.88

    sales revenue reaches 13.388 billion yuan

  • 146

    146 Employers

  • 8

    8 Business Divisions

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